The Norup + Wilson Story

Norup + Wilson is a boutique development company located in Perth, Western Australia.

The Norup + Wilson partnership was formed to create a brand that is synonymous with high-end product and iconic design. Having immense experience in the construction industry as builders and developers John and Dave jointly bring a unique approach to property development. As a result, they focus heavily on design efficiency without compromising aesthetics.

Collectively they have been involved in the construction and development of almost every conceivable type of building including: Major Civil Works; High-rise Apartments; Low-rise Housing; Marina Developments; Offices; Hotels; Churches; Transient Accommodation; Shopping Centres; Hospitals; Aged Care Facilities; and Resort Developments.

Here are the main principles that govern our attitude to property development:

  • Location, location, location – This is the first foundation to every successful project;
  • Lasting Product – Many developers focus on the short term. With our name behind our brand we aim to achieve a product that commands high interest well into the future;
  • Personal Investment – Personal investment into each and every project ensures that we have ‘skin in the game.’ So you know when we announce a project, it really is going ahead!!
  • Client Satisfaction – Our ultimate goal is to be a recognised brand by purchasers who are proud to say that they live or work in a building which has been created by Norup + Wilson.