The Norup + Wilson Story

Norup + Wilson is a boutique development company located in Perth, Western Australia. Their main focus is on the ‘owner occupier’ apartment market within mixed use developments which truly add value to the surrounding area in which they are developed.

The Norup + Wilson partnership was formed to create a brand that is synonymous with high-end product and iconic design. Having immense experience in the construction industry, John and Dave jointly bring a unique approach to property development. As a result, they focus heavily on design efficiency without compromising aesthetics.

Collectively they have been involved in the construction and development of almost every conceivable type of building including: Major Civil Works; High-rise Apartments; Low-rise Housing; Marina Developments; Offices; Hotels; Churches; Transient Accommodation; Shopping Centres; Hospitals; Aged Care Facilities; and Resort Developments, just to mention a few.

With over half a billion dollars on the books, they are one of the largest privately owned property developers in Western Australia. The Company is continuing its growth path and geographically now reaches as far as New Zealand.

Here are some of the principles that govern their attitude to property development:

  • Location, location, location – This is the first foundation to every successful project.
  • Memorable Designs – What development do you remember and why does that building continue in your memory? We aim to create that memory.
  • Lasting Product – Many developers focus on the short term. With our name behind our brand we aim to achieve a product that commands high interest and strong resales for the future.
  • Options – Why not customise your apartment like you customise your car? With the provision of choices in design and a wide array of purchaser options you will have the unique opportunity to make your apartment your home.
  • Recognition – We hope to be rated above our peers and provide a product that represents ‘value for money’.
  • Transparency – We commit to an open and transparent contractual process. What you see is what you get.
  • Lifestyle – We strive to not only provide a place to live but rather a way to live.
  • Fundamental Designs – We endeavour to fuse well practiced design principles with our designs. Well respected design guidelines such as the ‘Golden Ratio’ and feng shui turn an average project into an iconic one.
  • Relationships with Likeminded Professionals – Collaborating with likeminded professionals who share our vision ensures that our projects reach their full potential.
  • Personal Investment – Personal investment into each and every project ensures that we have ‘skin in the game.’ With this comes our 100% commitment to the project and the lasting brand.
  • Client Satisfaction – Our ultimate goal is to be a recognised brand by purchasers who are proud to say that they live or work in a building which has been created by Norup + Wilson.