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We’re Living In The Future: The Top Tech Gadgets Your Apartment Needs


When it comes to the latest apartment technology we’ve already done a lot of the hard work for you. Our developments have cutting edge components like E-keys, electric car charging ports and remote smartphone integrated security built into their designs, but there’s no reason to stop there. Here’s a list of our top tech gadgets you can put in your apartment once you’ve moved in to make your life even more easy and convenient. We’re living in the 21st century people, you should take advantage of it!

  1. Wireless Charging Furniture From Ikea
    Having to get up and plug in your phone in to charge is so last decade! Harness the convenience of wireless charging with this amazing wireless charging furniture from Ikea. Not only does it give you an excuse to go and eat some meatballs while picking them up, you can place these stylish items all over your apartment so that you’re never far away from a charging point. Say goodbye to flat phone batteries and hello to a world of wireless charging amazingness.
  2. Smart Plugs
    Now any appliance in your house can be a smart device thanks to smart plugs like the WeMo Switch that allow you to remotely control anything plugged into it. You can even use it to set your home to “away mode” which will turn lights on and off randomly when you’re not there to confuse potential intruders by making them think there’s someone home. How cool is that?! You’ll also never again have to worry if you’ve left your TV, iron or hair straightener on once you’ve left the house.
  3. Google Chromecast
    Combine the convenience of your smartphone with the power of your home audiovisual devices with this handy piece of tech hardware. The Chromecast can be connected to your TV or stereo system to let you use your home wifi connection to stream TV shows, movies or music from apps on your phone. Netflix, Spotify, TV channel catch up services, there isn’t much that isn’t now integrated.
  4. A Wifi Connected Speaker
    You know what else is really outdated these days? Having to get up or use your hands to do anything! With a voice controlled wifi connected speaker like the Google Home or Amazon Echo you pretty much never have to leave the couch again. You can turn on and off lights, play music, play media through your Chromecast, order food, find out about the traffic and weather all by just simply asking your device.
  5. A Wifi Controlled Sous Vide
    Now that you’ve moved into one of our amazing apartments, you’re going to want to have people over for dinner to show it off. You’re also probably too busy to sit around all day tending to food as it slow cooks on the stove or in the oven. With the Anova Precision Cooker Wifi you can have your food cooking to perfection at home while you’re at work or out and about having fun. There’s even a nifty app (with recipes to follow included) that allows you to check on your food and make adjustments while you’re out of the house.
  6. Spin Remote
    Tired of having to search all over your apartment for the remote you need for a particular device? The Spin Remote is one to rule them all! Able to control all of your devices whether they’re smart electronics or not, it doesn’t even have any buttons to figure out. You just gesture with your finger to perform various functions. How’s that for futuristic?
  7. Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    If the Jestons taught us anything, it’s that one day we would have all of our boring domestic chores performed by robots. Well today you can be one step closer to that dream with the iRobot Braava Jet. Able to handle virtually any floor surface, it mops, sweeps and vacuums while you’re doing better things with your time (like drinking margaritas in the hot tub for example).
  8. Bello Digital Sound Bar Shelf
    These fantastic speakers look like a shelf but deliver brilliant sound quality through 4 speakers, a subwoofer output, two 3.5mm inputs and Bluetooth connectivity. You no longer have to choose between sleek interior design and amazing home audio!

If you’re excited about apartment living technology and want to get into Perth’s most advanced development projects then give us a call today. They really are out of this world!

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