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Upstairs downstairs: the benefits of apartment vs residential living


The mention of city based apartment living often conjures up images of high-flying urban socialites living extravagant lifestyles beyond the reach of us mere mortals, but the truth of the matter is that’s not necessarily the case. Urban apartment living actually has a range of benefits to suit a wide range of people, especially those looking to downsize their living space while upsizing the quality of their dwelling and the lifestyle that it affords them.

A quick glance at the information above illustrates how moving from a house to an apartment can actually make a lot of financial sense. Free from the costs associated with maintaining a residence, you’ll be able to put that money to good use doing the things that you love. Travel, good wine & dining out are certainly better ways to spend your money than boring old insurance and maintenance in our experience! It’ll also save you time and effort – one strata fee is a lot easier to pay than 7 or more separate bills (not to mention cheaper too!).

In addition to the cost, apartment living also represents freedom from the hassle and drudgery that comes with a residential life. If the kids have left home and you’re working less, why would you want to spend your increased leisure time mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool or weeding the garden (or having to pay people to do these things for you)?

Beyond all that, downsizing to an apartment should be first and foremost a lifestyle choice. We’ve taken a lot of care in choosing the locations of our developments so that they’re able to offer residents access to the best lifestyles that Perth has to offer. Why settle for a cul-de-sac in the burbs when you can have stunning views, fantastic facilities and amazing entertainment, dining and shopping options right on your doorstep?

Starting to come around to our point of view? Then get in touch with us today and find out how a Norup + Wilson apartment could be the key to upsizing your lifestyle in a way that makes sound financial sense.

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