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The Sky’s The Limit - Why Perth Needs To Embrace Higher Density Living


When it comes to urban sprawl, Perth has definitely been up there with the worst of them over the last couple of decades. We’ve continued to build further and further out - endless low cost, low density developments one after the other, after the other, after the other - without pausing to think of what impact this has on the city and the people that live in it. We seem to have been stuck in a very 1950’s mindset where the great Australian dream is to have a house in the suburbs with a big front & back yard and two cars in the driveway. The Kingswoods, kangaroos, meat pies and Holden cars might have given way to SUVs, labradoodles, UberEats and imported cars, but the mentality seems to have remained essentially the same.

Well, times have changed and a lot of people now want a very different lifestyle. More than that, if we don’t change our ways and embrace higher density developments then we risk facing a shortfall of suitable housing options and other negative effects in the not-too-distant future.

The Downside Of Urban Sprawl

Building new developments on the fringes of the city might seem like a cheaper option at face value, but it has some serious downsides and costs when you take a closer look.

  • Higher infrastructure and maintenance costs: building and maintaining roads, sewers, water, gas & electricity supply, schools and all of the other infrastructure associated with residential developments costs comparatively more for low density developments. The revenue collected from suburban developers and households rarely covers all of these costs, leaving other taxpayers to pick up the bill.
  • Increased pollution: further commutes and poor public transport options mean more air pollution from traffic. This results in worse health outcomes for residents and higher public health costs.
  • Worse traffic & public transport: this is a bit counterintuitive, but households in high density areas are much more likely to only have one car per household, whereas two cars per house is the norm in low density areas. High density areas actually have less cars per capita and make public transport a lot more convenient and cost effective, thus reducing both traffic congestion and pollution levels.

A Brighter Future

Thankfully it seems that Perth is finally seeing the light and is beginning to embrace a higher density, apartment centred future. A report compiled by the Master Builders Association and Y Research has shown that the number of people living in high density developments will increase significantly in the next five years and that by 2020, 20% of new dwellings built will be apartments.

But why is this so? Part of the reason has been a change in the type of apartment buildings being offered nowadays. Modern developments, such as ours at The Beach Shack, The Precinct  and The Crest, offer residents access to fantastic facilities like rooftop cinemas, state-of-the-art home technology integration, steam rooms and teppanyaki BBQs that represent a far more attractive option than the threadbare apartment complexes of previous years.

Another reason for this shift to apartment living in Perth has been a change in the city itself and the priorities of the people that live here. We now have a thriving, world class restaurant, bar and entertainment scene, so more and more people are prioritising convenience and proximity to these attractions over having a larger house and yard further away from the action. Given the choice between mowing the lawn on a Sunday morning or strolling down the road for brunch at a fantastic cafe, which would you go for?

One thing is clear; as more and more people wake up to the upside of living in a modern, fantastically located apartment in Perth, demand (and hence prices) are only going to increase. If you want to be at the forefront of Perth’s move to a more efficient, sustainable, eco friendly and lifestyle centred way of life then call us today to discuss what our amazing apartment developments can offer you.

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