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The Crest - June 2017 Update

The Crest In Burswood

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The construction of the Crest has been tendered and we’re pleased to confirm that we have now awarded the work to BGC Construction (A local Tier 1 Building Company with an excellent track record). Over the next few weeks we’ll finalise the contract funding and continue onwards to a Q1 2019 completion date.

This is an excellent outcome and we look forward to seeing the building starting to grow in the next few months.


The design is now 100% complete and at ‘Building Licence’ Stage.

Council Authorities

The Council are busy reviewing the complete Building Licence Package and is due to confirm their acceptance within a few days. After this we can issue ‘For Construction’ drawings to the Contractor.

Construction Works

BGC have now completed the piling works, capping and excavation of the basement. They’ll continue on with the basement works until the relevant funding agreements etc are in force (These can only be finalised once you have a building contract in place).

Statement from the Builder:

“The award of The Crest Apartments in Burswood to BGC Construction as Head Contractor is the culmination of many months of investigation, hard work and lateral thinking by Norup + Wilson, EL & EL, BGC and the design team. The resulting homes will be an ongoing source of pride for the developer and owners alike.”

“BGC would particularly like to thank Norup Wilson and EL & EL for engaging in an innovative and co-operative negotiation process that resulted in uncompromised quality in the building, real value for the owners, and a fair contract for the builder,” said Chris Spooner, Senior Contracts Manager for BGC Construction.


To date we have sold 83 Lots totalling circa $50mil which is an exceptional result. Proving that a good quality product, in the right area, will receive the necessary support to get out the ground.

What’s Next

With the design, now finalised, we will be contacting you to discuss the changes that you may want to your apartment. To help you with this process we’ll have a schedule of possible upgrades but, as always, if none of them meet your fancy, simply contact us to make an appointment to discuss your ideas…

Please Continue to Be Our Best Promoters…

We are so pleased that many of our sales have come from our buyers. We wish to remind our other buyers that if you have a friend that you have referred, please contact us with their details so that we can ensure that you receive a 1% discount to your apartment (conditions apply).


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