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Looking back to the future: apartment trends to watch out for in 2018


The results are in folks! The most recent census data has confirmed Australia’s strong shift to apartment living continues as more and more people are prioritizing lifestyle, comfort and access to jobs and amenities above the traditional dream of a big backyard.

According to one of Australia’s leading multi-residential architects – Elenberg Fraser Director Callum Fraser – there’s a very good reason for this. “Apartment buildings have become better for you than houses. They foster a richer community with a greater sense of belonging. They deliver this through active social groups and extensive facilities. Residents now have a plethora of unique spaces…that deliver a more engaged and active life. They now help us live longer and better – they are the future.”

In light of this growing popularity, there’s never been a better time to get up to speed on the latest trends in apartment living. After all, if things keep going the way they are now, they’ll be relevant for a lot of people in the not too distant future.


One of the biggest trends in modern apartment living is 21st century technology integration such as GEO fencing. Making use of the latest in wireless connectivity and geo-tracking, a smart device can detect when you’re leaving the apartment and automatically perform tasks like turning off the lights, closing the blinds and making sure the doors are locked. When it detects you coming home later in the day it’ll power everything back up for your arrival – you could even program it to have a coffee waiting for you when you walk in the door!

Green Apartments

Environmental impact and energy consumption are important issues for a lot of apartment dwellers, and as such “green” apartment complexes are only going to get more and more popular. We’ve already incorporated green design elements such as rain water harvesting, energy pods on the lifts and solar passive designs in The Precinct development in Mt Pleasant to meet these demands. Smart apartments of the future will also enable residents to measure their energy consumption and thus adapt their behavior to minimize both energy bills and their carbon footprint.

Designer Facilities

The days when resident facilities consisted of a tiny gym and pitifully small pool are long gone. An unwavering demand from residents for increased facilities will only see the trend of more luxurious, social and useful spaces continue to grow. Think cinemas, private dining rooms, libraries, BBQ areas, open garden spaces and resort style pools.

Keen to learn more about apartment trends and how we can incorporate them into your Norup + Wilson apartment lifestyle? Get in touch with us for a chat!

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