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Build For The Future With Norup + Wilson

We live in an age where technology is constantly evolving and the demand for automation is rapidly increasing. While smartphones and cars produced today come with advanced features that did not exist five years ago, most of our homes have not followed suit. At Norup + Wilson, we’re proud to be the only apartment developers in Perth that offer future-proofed luxury apartments.This groundbreaking initiative aims to bridge the gap between the property market of today and emerging technologies that will be available in the future.

Purchasing one of our technologically advanced apartments has a number of different but equally important benefits over the short and long term.. Firstly, they allow for a convenient and hassle-free lifestyle for anyone living in them right now. Over the long term, they’re also going to be very appealing to millennials who place a high premium on being tech savvy and connected to the latest and greatest technological developments. This means that your apartment will retain it’s appeal when this generation enters the property market and is looking for a living space that fits with their lifestyle.

Check out the information below to find out more about the state-of-the-art technology we’re including in our apartments now to ensure that they’re as functional and appealing as possible well into the future.

Ultra High-speed Internet : Fiber-optic Network

Our smart apartments come with an ultra high-speed internet supply, utilising a private fiber-optic network instead of NBN to make sure the connection speeds are at an optimum level. This also allows residents to experience equally fast and smooth connectivity even when connected to multiple gadgets at a time, giving you a solid foundation for a seamless smart apartment experience for both now and into the future.

Central Operation : Home Automation System (HAS)

The Precinct, our latest development which is currently under construction is to be equipped with Home Automation System (HAS). This state-of-the art innovation allows you to control everything in your apartment via a central panel. This means your air conditioner, security devices, TV, lights and internet connection can be managed and controlled from one place (with most services being remote via an app on your phone).

Future Proof Your Lifestyle And Maintain Your Property Value

Our future-proofing philosophy is centred thinking beyond the technological limits of today to ensure that our apartments function seamlessly and retain their value well into the future. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can own one of Perth’s most technologically advanced luxury apartments.

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