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Beautiful Design Inspired By A Stunning Location: The Story Behind The Crest’s Unique Exterior Art Panels

At Norup + Wilson we are always focused on our development’s designs, especially when it comes to the exterior facades, which are an important element of the surrounding streetscape.

When you build luxury apartments in fantastic locations, it makes sense to draw on the natural beauty, as part of the design inspiration. And this was definitely the impetus for our amazing art panels on the exterior of The Crest.


Created in collaboration with renowned visual artist Rick Vermey, the rhythmic and repetitive geometry of the artwork design was inspired by The Crest’s unique location. Perching on a natural rise, overlooking the Swan River and Burswood Peninsula, the exterior panels draw influence from these natural elements.

Created using a special selection of material finishes, the exterior design shimmers, shifts and changes as your position and angle varies. This mesmerising appearance reflects the effect of light playing across the surface of the Swan River.

We have to admit that we think the end result is pretty breathtaking. It is truly unique and fits the landscape so perfectly.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Crest, or how we’ve designed our other building exteriors at The Precinct or The Beach Shack, then get in touch with us today.  Because at Norup Wilson, anything is possible.

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